Martin Godske

Martin Godske is CEO in the social pedagogical company Habitus. Martin’s overall vision in Habitus is to minimize frustration and maximize quality of life – for as many people as possible.

Martin Godske has a goal of increasing quality – not only in Habitus  – but within the social area in general. This reflect itself in the management of Habitus among other things. For instance Habitus has implemented a system that is used to ensure a high pedagogical quality of the residences. One of the methods to achieve this is via Habitus’ so called annual wheel.

According to Martin Godske, pedagogy is a science – and science requires systematics – also within a pedagogical framework.

“For Habitus, it is about having the framework to create quality of life for the individual – and the opportunity to create quality of life for all those who need it” – says Martin.

“The resources and opportunities, which are available to us, also commit. What we are capable of doing in Habitus can help the vulnerable people that need help throughout Denmark. That is why I think we also have an obligation to try.

”Pedagogy is more than just care; it is also an ability to choose the method that suits the individual the best. Therefore, according to Martin Godske, it is also important to have a system that ensures that the right pedagogical method is chosen.

Hear Martin Godske explain about management in social pedagogical companies, and which areas can cause challenge.

Leadership within a social pedagogical context is always subject to the challenge of seeking to make educators the most ethical and empathetic versions of themselves without wearing on either the educator or the citizen.